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Yoga has been a therapeutic part of my life for over 20 years now. What is intriguing to me is how the teachings and physical practices that I have learned on the mat have moved the internal and subtle within me, echoing into my life off the mat. What I have observed within myself is a constant flux of learning and unlearning, of feeling into when to go forth in action and when to take time for reflection. Yoga has helped me grow stronger, more fearless, given me a greater capacity of knowing my own truth and living a more aligned life. Yoga has awakened within me a greater sense of freedom and connection, it has saved me from chronic pain and an anxious mind.


I am excited to share what I have learned with you. For me it's about experiencing these ancient gifts to help us manouevre our modern world because we have lost touch with ourselves, our sense of community and with the nature.  My wish for you is to cultivate your agency on the mat and to offer you the space to explore options for traditional poses. Despite what you may think, there is no one shape for a yoga pose. I believe in exploring adaptive options to meet you where you are in mind, body, heart and spirit. Yoga with me is not about the shape of the pose, it is all about how it makes you feel. 

I teach hatha and yin yoga, meditation and breath practices in a mindful way.  My teaching style is relaxed and sometimes playful. In my classes I love to combine intervals of movement and rest for your comfort and ease and elements of philosophy for your inspiration. I will never ask you to push yourself, or to go to your edge. Yoga with me is about exploring possibilities. I hope my teaching opens up the door for you to experiment with what you’ve got going on right here, wherever you are.

Image by Jeroen Bendeler


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